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July-September 2017: Vol. XXXIII No. 3

Talking About the Nuclear Weapon Ban with Cesar Jaramillo
As we go to press, governments and civil society groups are at the United Nations in New York, wrapping up their arguments at a nuclear ban treaty. Metta Spencer interviews Project Ploughshares executive director Cesar Jaramillo. COMMENT

The Chemical Weapons Ban: 20 Years of OPCW
Russia and the USA may be dragging their feet in eliminating all their chemical stockpiles, but there’s reason for alarm around those states which never signed the Chemical Weapons Convention in the first place. Nivedita Das Kundu and Ajay Lele give us the details.

The Birth of Saudi Arabia and the Swamp of Extremism
“Donald Trump seemed jubilant” while holding a sword and dancing with Saudi royals on his visit to the Kingdom. Yusur Al-Bahrani looks at the country’s violent internal politics—the legacy of 18th century ideologue Abd al-Wahhab—and what it means for Saudis and their neighbours

The Second Time Around? Polanyi and Today’s Fascist Tendency
Our next history lesson comes from the celebrated social theorist Karl Polanyi, by way of our writer Richard Sandbrook, who sugggests that the best defence against today’s alt-right is to build an egalitarian and sustainable economy.

Mexico: The Trump Effect
It’s that man again. He promised his followers that he would build a “beautiful wall” along the US-Mexican border, which will almost certainly never come to fruition. Wall or no wall, Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies have the potential to cause long-term damage to Mexico’s economy. Judith Teichman looks at the possible outcomes. COMMENT

Newsworthy: Climate-smart farming to increase; Nitrous Oxide in Arctic; US sells fighter jets to Qatar while Trump criticizes it for terrorism; Owls Build Bridges to Peace

Reviews: Mark Engler and Paul Engler, This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping the Twenty-first Century, reviewed by Peggy Faw Gish.

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