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April-June 2017: Vol. XXXIII No. 2

Trump and the Nuclear Codes: How to Launch a Nuclear Weapon
We may already be familiar with the “nuclear football,” the black leather case which accompanies the US president at all times. But what does it actually do? David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists explains all. COMMENT

Homa’s Interrogation
Concordia University professor Homa Hoodfar was detained during a short research trip to Iran and imprisoned for nearly four months. She discussed the “anthropology of interrogation” with Metta Spencer, Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, and Amanda Ghahremani, a Montreal lawyer who is also Hoodfar’s niece. COMMENT

Women’s Gyms and the Limits of Saudi Reforms
The ruling al-Saud dynasty has been accused of slowly killing its female population by an almost completely sedentary lifestyle. Not only are they blocked from participating in organized sports, but even gender-segregated gyms languished in a legal grey area until quite recently, writes James Dorsey.

Truth, Lies and Democracy: Journalism in the Age of Trump
Not too long ago, says Olivia Ward, civil society was built on three pillars: agreement on the facts, agreement that they needed to be acted upon, and a system that is willing to clear away the lies and the liars. Now that this understanding has broken down, most dramatically in the United States; what action should journalists (and educators) take before it all ends very badly? COMMENT

The 20th Century’s Greatest Constructive Peace Movements
At different times in India’s recent history, the Green Revolution and Gandhi’s charkha (spinning wheel) engaged the nation’s people to come together in a grand, life-enhancing, mission, notes Rama Singh.

The Crime of Aggression
The Rome Treaty of 1998 gave the International Criminal Court the power to prosecute genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. A fourth type of international crime—the crime of aggression—is mentioned in the statutes, but was left undefined until 2010, writes Fergus Watt.

The Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Ban
Negotiations toward nuclear elimination have been stalled for nearly two decades, observes Barbara Birkett. Not that there has been any lack of ideas for how we can meet the goals of disarmament—look at the conferences, the civil society initiatives, and above all, the UN General Assembly vote in December 2016.

The Abandoned Mission: Life for Afghan Women after NATO’s Withdrawal
The Afghan government is unable to protect the rights and personal safety of Afghan women, argues Lema Ijtemaye. Women who choose to work do so at great personal risk, Maternal mortality rates continue to be among the worst in the world. And the Taliban are (again) gaining territory.


Newsworthy: Selling arms to Saudis; Nukes can be hacked; Increased lethality of US nuclear forces; Women plan a March to Ban the Bomb; Bread, Venezuela’s new enemy?

Reviews: Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner and Christopher Walker eds. Authoritarianism Goes Global: The Challenge to Democracy, reviewed by John Bacher.

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