January-March 2020: Vol.36, No.1

Pope Francis in Nagasaki
A world without nuclear weapons is indeed possible, the head of the Roman Catholic Church told pilgrims at the Nagasaki Bomb Hypocenter Park.

Can Trees and Cows Save Us?
To stop climate change, we’re advised to become vegans and plant a trillion trees. But livestock and herds of big herbivores may be essential to keep the Arctic soil cold and prevent desertification of soils. And big animals may also do us a favour by destroying saplings in permafrost areas (including perhaps Canada’s boreal forest) where trees apparently warm the soil. Where to plant the trillion trees, then? Start with your lawn, recommends Metta Spencer. COMMENT

Gambia Invokes Genocide Convention Against Myanmar
As we went to press, the International Court of Justice met in the Hague to determine whether the mass killing and eviction of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar’s Rakhine province constitutes genocide. Our correspondent René Wadlow notes that the action of Gambia is important as it focuses both on the mechanisms of world law and the dramatic conditions of the Rohingya.

Towards a Regenerative Agriculture
The fundamental shift between industrial and ecological farming is in the soil. Ecological farmers understand that soils are not just a substrate in which we stick a commodity crop “fed” by synthetic fertilizers, writes Jodi Koberinski. COMMENT

A Second Editorial: What about Radioactive Contamination?
Vastly more people have suffered or died from accidental exposure to radioactivity than the World Health Organization has disclosed. We need a global network of whistleblowers and victims who will tell the truth, writes Metta Spencer.

Muslim Peacemaker Teams are Working to Bring Peace to Iraq
Since 2006, the Iraq-based Muslim Peacemaker Team has been a major force in fostering peace and civil society. They also place environmental issues at the very centre of their work, notes John Bacher.

Newsworthy: Despite Putin’s offer, U.S. still refuses to extend New Start Treaty; Germany has no solution for nuclear waste; Americans upset by Canada’s plan to store nuclear waste by Lake Huron

Reviews: Jeremy Rifkin, The Green New Deal, reviewed by Subir Guin; Carver, Cortright and Doherty, Waging Peace in Vietnam, edited by James Loney.

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